Inspiring Young Women to Join the Workplace


Program Description:The Embassy solicits proposals for a project to connect professional female role models with Jordanian young people, to inspire, encourage and increase Jordanian female workplace participation.

• The target audience of this project will be young female

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Jordanians who are best-placed to enter the job market as well as their male peers and family members.

• This project has two primary objectives.

The first is to show young people in Jordan that women CAN and DO have fulfilling careers in Jordan by using the growing network of prominent Jordanian women who have gone on exchange and study programs to the U.


as role models of this project, on university campuses and through a targeted media/social media campaign.

Program activities should inspire and encourage young women to consider and seek to participate in the workforce.

The second objective of the program is a measurable increase in program participants entry into the work force.

• The role models for this program will consist largely of Jordanian women who have participated in exchange and study programs in the United States such as the Fortune 500 program, Goldman-Sachs, Tech Woman, etc.

These alumni are particularly well-positioned to be role models for female Jordanian youth because they represent a cross-section of Jordanian society and have a demonstrated track record of professional success.

This project will include the following:
• Speaker Series on University Campuses:
In conjunction with 8-10 Jordanian universities, the speaker series will bring relatable Jordanian women with successful careers into university classrooms and auditoriums across the country to share their stories and address barriers to female workplace participation.

The purpose of each speaking engagement is to inspire and promote solutions, rather than become mired in the challenges or obstacles.

As noted above, the speakers will mostly be alumni of exchange programs to the U.S., who will share their experiences in the U.


with audiences, as appropriate.

The program will include at least 10 sessions at each participating university.

Participating universities should be selected based on their level of interest, administrative capacity and ability to see the project through.

The Embassy will participate with the grantee in university selection.

• Media Campaign:
The female role models from the speaker series and the program itself will be highlighted across the social media platforms most popular with young, university women and their male peers.

Additionally, the program should include a simultaneous and complimentary campaign on radio, TV and print media.

The media/social media campaign must be carefully planned and orchestrated to maximize the impact and reach of the program.

• All-Day Workshop:
The culminating event in this program will be an all-day workshop in Amman.

This workshop will bring together students who participated in the first component (speaker series) as well as additional university students, high school students, student alumni of American exchange programs, and students participating in the Embassy’s Access English Language program.

The day’s schedule will include sessions on leadership and management, creating career paths, entrepreneurship, higher education opportunities and other topics that emerge during the speaker series as relevant.


Federal Award InformationFunding Instrument Type:
GrantAward Amount:
Estimated funding available for this project is ($80,000).

However, the Embassy will consider proposals with a higher budget that present a compelling justification for the expenditure of funds in excess of the estimated amount.

Funds for this award are pending availability.Duration of the Award:
The timeline of the project will be jointly negotiated by the U.


Embassy and the selected awardee.


Eligibility Information:Eligibility is open to non-profit organizations and individuals with appropriate expertise.

Preference will be given to organizations and individuals with experience implementing similar projects.

Proposals should detail a plan to implement the logistics of the project.D.

Application and Submission Information:All organizations submitting application must have a valid DUNS number and be registered inn www.SAM.govIf your organization would like to submit an application, please complete the following:- SF-424- SF424A- SF424B- Proposal- Budget Narrative For requests and queries, please submit completed grant application forms to the Public Diplomacy Section, Noor AlNoubani, U.


Embassy, Amman, Jordan ( and (


Application Review InformationCriteria and Review/ Selection Process:
Applications will be reviewed and scored based on the following:

Quality of the program plan:
(30 points)Activities should be responsive to the U.


Embassy Amman notice of funding opportunity.


Ability to Achieve the Program Objectives:
Applications should clearly demonstrate how the applicant will meet the objectives laid out in this solicitation.

Activities should be reasonable and feasible, and the application should clearly detail how activities will be carried out.

Objectives should be clear, measurable and have a well-articulated timeline.

(30 points) 3.

Project Evaluation:
Proposal should include a plan to evaluate the activity’s success, both as the activities unfold and at the end of the program.

A draft survey questionnaire or other technique and a description of the methodology to link outcomes to original project objectives are recommended.

(20 points) 4.

Budget and Narrative Justification:
The budget and narrative justification are complete and reasonable in relation to the proposed activities and anticipated results.

The plan for services and related costs estimates is realistic.

(20 points) A review committee will evaluate the submitted proposals.

It will take the committee up to two months to complete its review process.

Some applicants may be contacted with questions during this review process.


Federal Award Administration Information:Federal Award Notices:
The notice of Federal award is the authorizing document.

It shall be written, signed, awarded and administered by the Grants Officer.

The Grants Officer is the Government Official delegated the authority by the U.


Department of State Procurement Executive to write, award, and administer grants and cooperative agreements.

Terms and Conditions:
Recipients will be held to the applicable terms and conditions found at

Administrative and National Policy Requirements:
Awards are subject to OMB Uniform Guidance:
Cost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards (2 CFR Chapter I, Chapter II, part 200, et al.) Reporting:
Reporting requirements will be specified in the Notice if Award documents.


Federal Awarding Agency Contacts:
Questions should be directed to the Public Diplomacy Section, Maha Armush, at
Agency: Department of State

Office: U.S. Mission to Jordan

Estimated Funding: $80,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Not Available

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligibility is open to non-profit organizations and individuals with appropriate expertise.

Preference will be given to organizations and individuals with experience implementing similar projects.

Proposals should detail a plan to implement the logistics of the project.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Noor AlNoubaniOffice Management AssistantPhone 0096265906578

Agency Email Description:

Agency Email:

Date Posted:

Application Due Date:

Archive Date:

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