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Stanford Law School Gets State Department Grant
Stanford Law School received a $7.2 million grant to continue an innovative legal education program in Afghanistan. The State Departments Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement
Hingham Police Receives Grant
Massachusetts's Execute Office of Public Safety and Security awarded Hingham Police a state grant totaling approximately $3,300. The grant will be used to assign 20 extra patrols around Hingham
Fitchburg Applies For a Grant
The city of Fitchburg is planning to apply for a grant worth $2 to $3 million under the MassWorks Infrastructure program. The grant will help fund the revamping of Fitchburg's downtown area with
Arkansas Receiving $2 Million State Grant
Governor Mike Beebe awarded the drought-stricken Arkansas with a $2 million state grant from the Governor's Disaster Fund. The grant money will go toward ranchers who produce cattle, sheep, and
Beardow Adams Inc. Receives Grant
Beardow Adams Inc. is planning to invest $5.1 million over the next five years in Charlotte. With that, they are awarded with a $37,600 grant from the One North Carolina Fund which makes it possible
Hamilton City Might Grab Grant
Hamilton City might be awarded with a grant as part of the community's $52.4 million levee and habitat restoration project. Residents surrounding the area hopes to get the grant for emergency
Virginia Tourism Corporation Awards Grants
The Virginia Tourism Corporation will be awarding grants to 45 Virginia tourism initiatives totaling $660,000. The grant will be used to help promote local and regional tourism efforts. However,
Brown County Commissioners Apply for a Grant
The Brown County commissioners decided to apply for a grant that will fund a welding and blueprint reading program which will benefit the area. They will be applying for a $164,500 grant from the
Department of Commerce in Washington Awards Grant
The Department of Commerce in Washington awarded Sound Transit with an energy efficiency grant totaling $400,000. The grant will be used to fund various projects whichwill include new lighting at
Westhampton Receives Grant
Highway officials of Massachusetts announced that Westhampton will be receiving a $1.2 million grant to replace a narrow bridge. The grant will be used to replace the existing 12-foot long and
Carlsborg County will be Applying for a State Grant
The Carlsborg County will be applying for a grant to the state Community Economic Revitalization Board for the proposed Carlsborg sewer project. According to the County commissioner Jim McEntire,
Daniel Boone School Board Receives Block Grant
The state will be awarding the Daniel Boone School Board with a block grant totaling $154,447 after passing the 2012-13 budget. The budget included no tax increase and used about $1.38 million from
Port Canaveral Receives $24.4 Million Grant
The Florida Department of Transportation awards a $24.4 million grant to Port Canaveral to assist the completion of its harbor widening and deepening project which will make room for large cruise and
Norwalk Council Considers Applying for a Grant
The Norwalk Council is considering grant application for the redevelopment project called the Wall Street Place. The grant that the council will be applying for is the $ 5 million Urban Act
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Receives Grant
The Pennsylvania Liquour Board Control awarded East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania's Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Prevention Services with a grant totaling $16,028. The grant will be

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